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Services Scope and Description

The following are answers to questions generally asked by companies when they are offered to join to support organizations like the Process Safety Council and pay a membership. In this section we make a description of the scope of services to clarify the expectations that companies may have with regard to the actual benefits obtained from our institution.
Which is the main benefit obtained by affiliating to the CSP?

The unique advantage that the Council offers to their affiliates is the personalized attention of our experts via e-mail or phone call to inquires when a problem arises.

Our specialists in different disciplines can provide quick and effective support to affiliates when they face an incident, a risk or a dangerous condition during their operations. They can assist by suggesting immediate actions, providing references of companies with the capabilities required to deal with specific issues, and following up until the resolution of the problem.

Who are the experts from the CSP ?

The specialists selected by the Council to assist their affiliates are senior professionals who are recognized in the industry by their experience, practical and assertive approach to the issues within their specific discipline.


As far as possible, the Council ensures that the experts chartered by the CSP belong to affiliated companies. For this reason, in order to formalize relationship, the company signs a document that includes the scope of services as a member of the council, and a confidentiality agreement for the protection and non-disclosure of private information from other member companies. The CSP may select other specialists with an industry recognized expertise that work as independent professionals or consultants.

What are the obligations of the experts chartered by the CSP ?

The affiliated companies whose professionals are selected as experts commit to dedicate a pre-determined number of service hours per year to attend to requests from other companies through the Council.

In the event that a specific task or service from an expert, who is an employee of a member company, is required by another affiliate, the expert’s employer may accept or deny that their expert dedicates time, in addition to the time committed to answer questions or respond inquiries.

Always that an expert attend an inquire he/she will deliver a written report that should include the analysis of the information provided, a diagnostic of the problem and recommendations for the solution. The reports will be revised and delivered formally by the CSP committee.


It is important to understand that the experts from the Council cannot completely resolve the issues associated with the inquiry. They are requested to use their skills and knowledge to provide direction and offer recommendations based on analysis of the information provided by the affiliate. The activities and resources that are necessary to solve the problem completely or to properly manage the risks are the responsibility of the affiliate making the inquiry.

The CSP experts are not only subject matter authorities, they also need to have a service uptitude and foster a positive, dilligent and respectful attitude in the exercise of their duties.

All the responses to service inquires will be assessed by the affiliates making the inquiry. If the evaluation of a service from a professinal is deemed unsatisfactory by the nominated representative of the affiliate the technical committee of the CSP will evaluate the case and depending on the circumstances he/she may be removed from the register of experts.

What does my company receive in retribution by offering the knowledge and time of one of my best qualified professionals ?

In compensation for their services the Process Safety Council will include the professionals in the Process Safety Certified Professionals program run by the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) of the AIChE, the most widely recognized institution for the dissemination and development of Process Safety practices and guidelines. We are legalizing an agreement so that these people can have access and special rates to attend conferences, training courses, projects and activities that the CCPS undertakes globally. In the same way they will have access, through the Council, to books and practices published by this institution.

We firmly believe, however, that the most important retribution that a company receives when they nominate a professional as an expert of the Council is the support and technical sharing from all the other professionals chartered by the CSP when they need to resolve a problem related to any other Process Safety discipline.

What other benefits does my company receive for the membership fees of the CSP ?

The CSP will arrange or participate in a regional Process Safety Congress on a yearly basis where there will be presentations from experts at a regional and global level and representatives from the member companies will share experiences and stories of success to raise Process Safety knowledge and culture. In addition, the Council will develop at a rational cost training for its affiliates in the basic disciplines of Process Safety to promote the development of positive cultures and the technical practices that are critical for the management of risks.

For companies and professionals affiliated as members the CSP will offer discounts on the publications from the Council and from the institutions and companies that it may represent. A collaborative agreement with the CCPS is currently being formalized. It is expected that this will allow the Council to offer all their publications, some in Spanish, at more affordable prices.


The CSP will affiliate regional and international service companies that are qualified by our institution and recommended to assist in risk management, and the integrity and reliability of facilities. In this way, it can be assured that members have available companies with the required competences whenever they decide to contract services to resolve an issue.

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