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About us

The founders and the technical members of the CSP are a group of professionals who are convinced that the operations of the companies that extract, process, store, transport and commercialize hydrocarbons  and chemicals can be undertaken in a safe and sustainable manner for the companies, the society and the environment.
They acknowledge that Process Safety as a discipline requires deep knowledge and recognize that safety culture in Latinamerica still have gaps at industrial and governmental levels. Consequently, they have committed to transfer the knowledge by sharing practices from more advanced countries, fostering a culture of responsibility and helping enterprises to develop the processes required to achieve efficiency and sustainability, becoming a resource of technical support for the official bodies.


Ignacio Alonso


Mechanical Engineer. Has more than 30 years working for the Oil & Gas industry for multinational companies. Has had assignments in different countries performing at managerial positions in the areas of projects, engineering and operations.


Holding a strong engineering background has dedicated the last years to grow the knowledge and to develop culture, management systems and practices to manage process safety risks in the journey to safe operations.


He is member of the Technical Steering Committee for Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS). In 2016 was recognized as emeritus member of the CCPS due to his continuous support to the initiatives and activities of the institution and by spreading knowledge and best practices to grow process safety in the Latinamerican region. Has presented a good number of papers and performed as chair of various global and regional congresses.


Ricardo Sarmiento


Petroleum Engineer. Ricardo has more than 24 years working for international Oil and Gas companies establishing and optimizing businesses of exploration, development and operations  in challenging and diverse environments.


Has been succesful establishing business relations, leading multifunctional teams and managing resources maintaining focus on the areas of high impact. Is a strategic leader focused on results and qualified in the areas of projects, operations management, HSSEQ and asset management.

Has been president of Latin American Drilling Safety (LADS) demonstrating great commitment to safety as vehicle for the sustainability of the business.

Michael Broadribb


Chemical Engineer. "Mike" is widely recognized as a leading process safety authority, and was recipient of the 2012 AIChE Walton/Miller Award for safety / loss prevention excellence.  His career has allowed him to learn process safety lessons first hand through involvement in major disasters, such as the 1988 Piper Alpha and 2005 Texas City incidents.  He has also investigated many other process safety accidents worldwide.

He has extensive operational and management experience through his long career with BP, involving refineries, marine terminals, and onshore / offshore oil & gas production facilities.  He is an active member of the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).  His current position is Senior Principal Consultant for BakerRisk.

As a Fellow member of both CCPS and IChemE, he has participated in the development of multiple process safety publications and guidance for the process industries, and presented many technical papers at conferences and symposiums worldwide.”

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