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CSP counts with the knowledge and the expertise of recognized consultants and professionals to support its affiliated companies in the Process Safety disciplines. The technical diversity of the professionals subcribed to the Council allows an integral coverage to manage the risks that are inherent to projects and operations.
Management Systems

The CSP can help to develop practices that articulate processes and set the roles within an organization. Establishing performance metrics for relevant elements of the system will help to improve.

El CSP gives their affiliates access to practices and standards to allow a systematic approach to Process Safety.

Projects Assurance

The experts subscribed to the CSP assist to member companies identifying hazards and recommending studies to evaluate the risks associated to projects during all the execution stages

The Council can bring expert reviewers to assess any stage of the project emphasizing safety and risk management.

Courses and Training

The Council offer training courses that are designed according to the level and area of expertise of the personnel. The material is customized to the specific needs of the organization to ensure an appropriate transfer of the knowledge.

Through the CCPS and other strategic allies the CSP can develop training sessions with the depth required for any of the Process Safety disciplines.

Process Safety Culture Evaluation and development

Our institution have access to methodologies that identify the cultural aspects required for the adequate functioning of the elements that form a Process Safety Management System.

The evaluation of the company’s leadership and organizational structures allows identification of gaps that affect communication and determine the behaviours. The CSP can help developing practices and programs to enhance culture.

Asset Integrity

The careful analysis of the risks associated to specific processes of the facilities allows to establish the most probable mechanisms of damage and the conditions of failure that can become more critical to the operation.

The CSP performs general reviews and recommend expert consultants that use methodologies to identify the equipment that is critical to avoid a major incident or to mitigate its effects developing programs to adequately manage their integrity makng sure that they will operate in a reliable manner when it is required.

Risks Identification and Analysis

The CSP make available to its affiliates consultant firms that have the capacity to develop specialized studies such us:

-  Consequence Analysis

-  Quantitative Risk Studies (QRA)

-  Hazop, LOPAs, SIL

-  Explosion effects studies

-  Hazardous Area Clasification

-  Facility Siting / Plant Distribution

-  Integrity Assessments

-  Risk Based Inspection programs

-  Pipeline Risk Assessments

-  Project Health Safety and Environmental              Reviews (PHSSER)

-  Well Integrity Studies


-  Off-Shore Safety Reviews

-  Reliability Studies for Electric Power and                Distribution Systems 

-  Earthing and atmospheric protections.

They also can perform works with specific scope such:

-  Incident / Accident Investigations

-  Process Safety benchmark evaluations

-  Process Safety Audits

-  Assessment of leadership levels

Safety in Operations

Our chartered professionals can provide assistance and direction to operating companies in the elimination or mitigation of the hazards that are inherent to their activities.

During coordinated visits to the facilities our consultants can make a general diagnosis identifying areas of improvement and developing formal plans to achieve consistency in Process Safety performance.

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