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Are you an expert in a Process Safety discipline? 

Know our experts

Process Engineering and PHA

Ulises Franco

Chemical Engineer. (Universidad Nacional - Bogota, Colombia)

Ulises has more than 30 years of professional experience as process engineer, managing operations to produce hydrocarbons and chemical products for the Oil and gas industry in leading positions in the areas of engineering, projects and operations.


Has built his process safety experience working onshore and offshore for upstream, downstream, gas processing and LNG processing facilities. Has deep knowledge of codes and engineering standards related to process safety disciplines.


Skilled in the use of methodologies and tools to identify, evaluate, prevent and continuously reduce risks. High capacity of analysis, assertive criteria for decision making and ability transferring knowledge for professional development of others.

Management Systems - Power generation and distribution

Raul Avendaño

Electrical Engineer. (Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Bogota, Colombia)

31 years of experience in the oil & gas industry at leadership positions in the areas of Operations, Engineering and Projects. Raúl is skilled developing, implementing and integrating management systems with the fundamental elements of process safety applied to the business. Has integrated standards as ISO, SEMS and OGP to Management Systems including elements like leadership, organizational capability, risk management, design, operation, optimization, process safety, performance indicators and management of change.


He is recognized by his ability to analyze and synthetize huge amounts of information translating into strategies and measurable action plans.



Excellence and Safety in Operations

Andres Pavia.jpg
Andres Pavia Pedraza

Chemical Engineer. (Universidad de America - Bogotá, Colombia)

Over 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry occupying management positions in areas of Operations, Maintenance and HSE. Great part of his professional experience have been acquired in the complex refinery environment .


Andres has post-grades in Administration of Production Plants and alsos in Top Management. Is very skilled negotiating and managing conflicts with third parties. Performed as HSE Director of Ecopetrol where he was in charge of introducing and implementing PSM some years ago.

Has been leader of a number of investigations related to Process Safety accidents of fatal consequences and is recognized by his leadership and ability to involve the workforce to achieve safer operations. 



Wells Integrity

Claudio Castañeda

Metallurgic Engineer. (Universidad Tecnologica de Tunja - Boyaca, Colombia)

Claudio has 30 years of experience working for international companies involved in facilities, pipelines, wells drilling and completions and projects execution.


Has been in charge of leading positions looking after quality assurance, operational discipline and process safety management in challenging and complex environments.


Is a leader focused in various incident prevention and resource optimization. Has been author and presenter of technical papers in global symphosiums.


Environmental Management Systems

Marco Vinicio Cardenas


Chemical Engineer. (Universidad Nacional - Bogotá, Colombia)

More than 30 years of experience in the environmental discipline and the development of environmental impact studies. Marco have great knowledge of the environmental regulations, projects environmental management, environmental compliance assurance, environmental management systems, environmental management plans and contingency plans.


Has performed in leadership positions in charge of license management and environmental permits for corporations. Currently performs as consultant in aspects related to environmental viability and surveillance for compliance with legal environmental requirements.

Marco was reconognized during his time in BP exploration as regional Authority in environmentl issues.


Safe Work Practices and Occupational Safety

Fernando Medina

Industrial Engineer. (Universidad de Bosque, Bogotá, Colombia)

Specialist in industrial health, with speciaization in Top Management from Universidad Externado de Colombia. More than 30 years of experience in the areas of Occupational Health, Industrial Safety and Environmental Management for the petrochemical industry.


Experienced in the implementation and optimization of loss control systems, HSE, risks and controls with focus in quality systems, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, SG-SST. Instructor in control operational risks (Job Safety Analysis, Risk Assessments).


Also knowledgeable in permit to work systems, safety based on behaviors, defensive driving, work in heights, confined spaces, emergency planes, environmental management plans. Holds license in Occupational safety and Nebosh certification.


Process Safety Management / Performance Indicators

Clara Inés Arbelaez

Chemical engineer. (Universidad Nacional - Medellín, Colombia)

Clara Inés counts more than 20 years of experience in the oil & gas industry developing engineering processes for projects related to industrial plants and performing operational analysis to processing and production facilities.

Holds more than 10 years in leadership positions associated to development of chemical processes, diagnosis and implementation of process safety management systems, selection and tracking of performance indicators and benchmark studies referencing oil & gas companies at global level.


Has been instructor of different matters related to PSM. Clara is also a specialist in occupational safety from the University of Antioquia, which allows her to associate process safety disciplines with cultural aspects of work in the organizations.


Instrumentation and Metering Systems

Mario Granada

Instrumentation and Control Engineer. (Universidad Nacional - Bogota, Colombia)

Mario has more than 25 years working for the areas of engineering, projects and operations in the hydrocarbon industry. His large experience in the design of control architectures and in the installation, testing and start up of Distributed Control Systems (DCS) for processing plants, pumping/compression stations and pipelines have provided him with an integral knowledge of his discipline.

Counts with a wide knowledge of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and is considered an expert in metering systems and equipment for the custody transfer of hydrocarbons.


We are building our network of subject matter experts.
Are you a recognized expert in any of the following Process Safety engineering disciplines?

The Process Safety Council is looking for experts of the Latinamerican region in different disciplines of Process Safety to provide support to companies that process or manipulate hazardous substances. Are you considered expert in any of the following?

- Process Safety Mangement Systems

- PS Culture Development

- Stakeholder Outreach

- Engineering and safety codes and standards

- Incident Investigation

- Projects Management and Execution

- Projects Commissioning and start up

- Safe Work Practices

- Emergency Management

- PS Audits

- Performance Indicators and Measurement

- Contractor Management

- Social Responsibility

You can be member and assessor of the Council postulating your name for the evaluation of the Technical Committee of the CSP-LA.  Please let us know at:


- Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

- Digital Security

- PS Management of Change Systems

- Quantitative Risk Analysis

- Asset Integrity

- Operational Procedures

- Process Knowledge Management

- Relief and depressurization Systems

- Relief and Safety Valves

- Corrosion

- Explosion studies

- Well Integrity

- Process Safety in offshore operations

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